SXSW 2018 Street Closures - MAP

  • Film: 3/9/2018-3/18/2018 at 8 different theatre locations
  • Interactive: 3/9/2018-3/15/2018 at 11 different locations (hotels & Convention Center)
  • Music: 3/12/2018-3/18/2018 at 100+ venues throughout the city

Register with Code Red to receive text messages regarding safety incidents. APD's Twitter feed will be updated during SXSW as well.


Highlights from the 2/6/2018 Traffic Meeting


Previous meeting: Tuesday, 2/6/2018, 10:30am-12pm

Location: Colorado Tower, 303 Colorado Street, 15th Floor - Lake Austin Conference Room, Austin, Texas 78701 - MAP

The City traffic engineers will be discussing the test changes the Transportation Department has implemented to improve traffic flow on Cesar Chavez and connecting streets during morning and evening rush hours, such as what has worked and what’s in store.

Movability Austin will also provide information on commute options and what employers and employees can do to avoid and reduce congestion.

Representatives from every company in our building are invited and strongly encouraged to attend this meeting to make your voices heard.

Hosted by Downtown Austin Alliance - please RSVP by registering here.


Highlights from the 1/24/2018 Traffic Meeting

  • Customers from both 98 San Jacinto and 111 Congress attended.
  • The City of Austin acknowledged Cesar Chavez has seen a 40% increase in wait time since the Mopac Expressway toll road opened.
  • Cousins Properties will hire a police officer to manage traffic flow at the intersection of Brazos and Cesar Chavez.  The officer will start Monday, February 12th.


Previous meeting: Wednesday, 1/24/2018, 11:45am-1pm

Location: San Jacinto Center, 98 San Jacinto Boulevard, 1st Floor - TechSpace, Suite 100, Austin, Texas 78701 - MAP

Cousins Properties has arranged for a meeting with the City of Austin Transportation officials specifically for the customers of 111 Congress and 98 San Jacinto. As many of you have expressed, the signaling changes that were made in December have negatively impacted Cesar Chavez east of Congress Avenue, causing our garage exiting times to increase dramatically. Members of Cousins’ staff have met with the City and have expressed everyone’s concerns but the city needs to hear from you.

Please feel free to share this message and encourage anyone from your business who wants to attend to do so. The city needs to hear from the people this is most negatively impacting.  We will be serving lunch so please RSVP to this invitation here before Tuesday at noon.

  • Please note that the West/Brazos Street entrance to 98 San Jacinto is closed for construction. You may enter the building on the East/San Jacinto Blvd side, where signs and staff can direct you to the meeting space in Suite 100 (TechSpace).