Emergency Procedures

The purpose of the Emergency Procedures section is to explain the life safety features of the San Jacinto Center and outline the specific steps for customers and emergency Floor Wardens to follow in the event of an emergency. The safety of Customers is the primary concern of this plan.

In the event of a fire or other emergency, following these emergency procedures will maximize the chances of a safe and orderly evacuation and will minimize injuries, losses to the building, and contents.

A coordinated effort by San Jacinto Center Property Managment, Security, Floor Wardens, Customers and the Austin Fire Department personnel is required by the plan. Any suggestions or contributions that could help make this plan more effective are welcomed, and should be directed to the Property Management Office.

The San Jacinto Center has 21 floors of office space and a three-level underground parking garage.

There are five stairwells in the building:

Stairwell No. One is located on the northeast corner of the underground parking garage and provides an emergency exit to the street-level building exterior at Cesar Chavez near San Jacinto Boulevard.

Stairwell No. Two is located on the southwest corner of the underground parking and provides an emergency exit to the street-level building exterior at Brazos Street near the Loading Dock and Lady Bird Lake.

Stairwell No. Three is located on the southeast corner of the underground parking garage and provides an amergency exit to the street-level building exterior at the cul-de-sac of San Jacinto Boulevard, near the entrance to the Four Seasons Hotel.

Stairwell No. Four is located on the south of the building interior and provides an emergency exit to the first-floor interior lobby, between the main entrances to the building.

Stairwell No. Five is located on the north of the building interior and provides an emergency exit to the first-floor interior lobby, near the Security Desk and Loading Dock entry.

Fire alarm pull stations and fire extnguishers are located on each floor of the building, next to the stairwell exits, and in elevator lobbies.

Bomb Threat

A large majority of bomb threat calls are false alarms meant to disrupt the normal work of a person or company.

However, at no time should any threat be regarded as a false alarm.

The following guide will be useful if you receive a bomb threat call:

  • Keep the caller on the line as long as possible. Ask the caller to repeat the message.
  • Obtain as much information from the caller as possible.
    • Location of the bomb
    • Time of detonation
    • Outside appearance and description of the bomb
    • Reason for the bomb

  • Tell the caller the building is occupied and the bomb might cause the death of innocent people.
  • Listen for background noises that might help determining where the call was made.

At the conclusion of the call, immediately report the call to the Police (911), then to Security at 512.320.5680, and to the Property Management Office at 512.279.2170, giving as much of the following information as possible.

  • Your Name
  • Your location and phone number
  • Name of anyone listening on the line
  • TIME the bomb is supposed to detonate
  • REASON given for the bomb
  • Time of the bomb threat

Please be advised that Property Management or Security will not make the decision to vacate your floor(s) during a bomb threat - only the Fire Department, Police Department, or your company executives can make that determination. If your company decides to evacute, please notify Security at 512.320.5680 and the Property Management Office at 512.279.2170. If relocation is necessary as determined by the Fire or Police Department, they will notify you, and Security will notify other customers in the building.

Elevator Emergency

Please be mindful of capacity when entering a crowded elevator. We strongly suggest exercising prudent behavior and caution when choosing between entering a congested elevator or waiting for another.

In the unlikely event of a service interruption while inside an elevator, please do not attempt to pry open the doors and climb from the cab to exit. The requested first action is to remain calm, then use the appropriate intercom or phone located within each cab to communicate directly with the onsite Security team, and patiently wait for assistance to arrive as quickly as possible. The telephone number for the Security desk is 512.320.5680 and is available 24-hours per day, seven days a week.

Emergency Contacts

Immediately call 911 in the event of an emergency. Then, call the appropriate number below to assure proper assistance for arriving emergency personnel:

Police Department 911
Fire Department 911
Paramedics & Ambulance 911
Property Management Office 512.279.2170
San Jacinto Center Security Desk 512.320.5680

Important Notes:

If you call 911 as a result of a medical emergency, please be sure also to notify building management or Security with your name, call back number, and location, so that Security may swiftly guide the paramedics to your exact location.

If the audible alarm within the building sounds, please do not call the Management Office, unless you have something specific to report. Building Management is aware of the noise, as well as the source of the alarm, whether it's false or a legitimate emergency.

Please keep the telephone lines clear so that Management may attend to the situation as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Hotline: 1.877.888.0002

Use this number in the event the management office has no phone service. Customers will hear a recorded message updating the status of building closures, operations and/or disaster recovery. Cousins' Corporate office will man this line 24 hours a day when necessary.

Fire Evacuation and Emergency Action Plan

Each Customer will designate at least one employee per floor to act as their company's Fire Warden. In the event that the fire alarm sounds, it will be the responsibility of the Fire Warden to lead evacuation efforts for your suite/floor. The Fire Warden is tasked with sweeping the floors to ensure all individuals have left and all doors are closed. Each individual shall evacuate to one of the building's emergency stairwells and proceed down the stairs. Annual fire drills will be conducted to review these procedures and increase the efficiency of the Fire Wardens.

  • An alarm will be activated by the following: smoke detection, activation of the sprinkler system, manual fire alarm pull station.
  • Fire alarm pull stations and fire extinguishers are located on each floor of the building next to the stairwell exits and in elevator lobbies 
  • An alarm is a signal for everyone to leave. Specific routine procedures for a safe and orderly evacuation of a building must be worked out among your office.


Do keep calm.
Do close all interior doors as you leave.
Do proceed to the nearest stairwell and evacuate the building.
Do meet your Fire Warden in the cul-de-sac at the end of Brazos Street and check-in with him/her.

Do not lock your office door.
Do not use elevators.
Do not call the Security Desk or Management Office – evacuate immediately.
Do not bring personal belongings.
Do not attempt to enter the parking garage.
Do not drive out of the parking garage; if you are in your vehicle at the time of an alarm, park it and proceed to the nearest stairwell.